Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Local Control

Local control is a common buzz word in todays politics.
What can an Alpine School Board member really do?
They can't eliminate federal programs or eliminate federal requirements.
Congress and Department of Education can make these changes, but not the district school board.
The Governor and State Board of Education can negotiate for waivers, but a local school board member cant impact these federal requirements.
A district school board member can't change testing.
All districts must Implement state tests.
District School Boards can’t alter the test created by the State School Board.
Home schooling lets parents control curriculum, but a particular parent cant have total control over their school curriculum.
The Alpine School Board doesn't oversee home schools.
They also don’t oversee charter schools.
A district school board member can have an impact.
Mark Clement disagreed with the investigations math curriculum.
He pushed for local control by giving parents more influence in how math is taught.
Parents helped select math text books that had more of a balanced approach.
Vote for Mark Clement for Real Local Control

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