Friday, April 27, 2012

National School Board Conference

I attended a seminar in Boston last week.  The speaker talked about the need to improve the preparation of our children to compete in a global economy.  He talked about the importance of standing up for our children in the face of budget cuts and those who will oppose any change to the status quo.  I hope I am not too strong in my responses to the kind of misinformation that has been leveled against the Utah Core, but I really do feel that the Utah Core is the direction that the state should go to create opportunities for our children.  I am glad that we are getting help from federal funding to create assessments.  It would be a significant burden for us to do on our own.  I am glad that we are benefitting from the experience of other states who are our partners in the Common Core because it will save us time, money and more importantly it will save our children from graduating without an adequate educational preparation.

I know that some people who are against the Utah core feel that they are standing up for their convictions.  I feel that I am standing up for my convictions too ... that our children deserve a better education.  The Utah Core is worth standing up for.